Watch Wisconsin Badgers Football Games Online

Watch the University of Wisconsin football games online to see if transfer quarterback Danny O’Brien can fill the departing Russell Wilson’s big shoes. O’Brien does stand at 6’3″ and is quite capable of getting the ball out from behind the offensive line. He has the athleticism enabling him to always buy some precious time in the pocket. However, he is no Russell Wilson. He will not be scampering for 40-plus yard scores or making the defensive line look silly darting here and there before releasing a right-on targeted missile to a Jared Abbrederis who finally can get open.

What O’Brien will do is what he does well: stay back in the pocket and patiently wait for someone to get open and then shoot them a right-on missile.

Wisconsin Badgers Football

O’Brien has the physical and mental acuity to get the job done. His one big challenge will be digesting the Badger playbook but workouts with Ralph Friedgen and James Franklin will take care of this chore. He already possesses the knowledge of conducting effective defensive reads. Put all this together and O’Brien presents himself as a quarterback that will be just as ready as any other Badger player on the current roster.

This rising star has already appeared in 22 contests during his career while starting 17 of these. He’s already seen plenty of tough college defenses including the 3-3-5 of West Virginia as well as the 3-4 revealed by Georgia Tech. He has already come up against a blitzing 4-3 defense provided by North Carolina State. O’Brien has seen all the coverages that there are in college football including cover two, cover three, cover one, two-man and robber defenses he has successfully combated already.

O’Brien will prove to be a good find and he has the tools to get the job done for the Badger offense.

Watch Penn State Nittany Lions Football Games Online

Watch Penn State football games online at its starting quarterback Matt McGloin fulfills his promise for defending his Nittany Lions by remaining at the school despite the recent controversy and the passing of Coach Joe Paterno.

McGloin told the Penn State faithful that he believes tough times always lasts for a long. He said that tough people do. He said that his love for the University, the academic programs as well as his teammates and incredible fans compel him to make a pledge to do as much as possible to represent Penn State in a positive light. He said that the core values he has learned through the program are important concepts to take forward in life.

Penn State Nittany Lions Football

McGloin further stated that he fully believes and trusts in the fact that coach Bill O’Brien and the entire staff will lead the Nittany Lions finished troubled times. He said that the fans also believe in them and this is great motivation to excel.

The 6’1″ junior quarterback threw for 54.1 percent completion in 2011, hitting eight touchdowns on five interceptions for 1,571 yards.

Other good news comes with a report that two of Penn State’s most prized recruitment for the upcoming season, tight end Adam Brenneman and quarterback Christian Hackenberg have both agreed to remain committed to the Nittany Lion program even in the event that the NCAA were to issue more sanctions upon Penn State including a ban on television broadcasts and bowl game participations in postseason. Hackenberg said that the only thing that would prevent him from coming to Penn State would be the total dissolution of the football program. This is not going to happen. Despite the controversy, Penn State is a nationally well known higher learning institution and its sports Legacy will still attract major high school prospects not only in the near, but also in the distant future.

Watch Ohio State Buckeyes Football Games Online

Watch Ohio State University football games online as the Buckeyes look to Braxton Miller to guide the football team. This will be Miller’s sophomore year as he conducts the signal caller duties. Last season, he completed 54.1 percent of his passes, accumulating 1,159 yards, notching 13 touchdowns to four interceptions also running for 715 yards.

So, how will he do this year?

Watch for Miller to use this season to grow and develop. No, he won’t be able to step on the field as an instant NFL prospect. However, he will get to improve incredibly this particular season since he will be under the guidance of a legendary coach, Urban Meyer.

Ohio State Buckeyes Football

Miller is in a conference that has considerable quarterback talent including Denard Robinson of Michigan and James Vandenberg of Iowa. But, all points considered, Miller should also become one of the best Big Ten quarterbacks by the end of the season. This is because he presents a dual threat since he can both throw and run with incredible ease. A quarterback with a great running ability as well as a strong arm can be a danger to opponents. Since last year he threw for 13 touchdowns, look for him to improve on that this season.

And, if you’re playing for Meyers, throwing for 13 touchdowns, or even 15, might be a little bit too conservative. Myers will get Miller ratcheted up to throwing more than 15 touchdowns in this coming season. That’s because this legendary coach has a great track record for developing quarterbacks. Plus, Myers has been working with Miller during the entire off-season helping develop greater arm strength.

Although the pass receivers are a little bit questionable for Ohio, if wideouts Corey Brown and Chris Fields are at the top of their game, Miller will have excellent targets for successfully notching up more than 15 touchdowns in the coming season.

Watch Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Games Online

Watch the University of Nebraska football games online in the season where the quarterback position may be the most important for the Cornhuskers. Last season showed that if QB Taylor Martinez did not throw the ball accurately, the Huskers quickly went three and out. Throwing has been considered to be the major weakness for Martinez.

However, reports from off-season workouts and training revealed that Martinez has greatly improved his footwork and throwing motions. Unfortunately, the Cornhuskers did not participate in a spring game for sportswriters, critics and fans to catch a glimpse of any improvements.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

The best way that Martinez can help improve the Nebraska offense is to become a better passer. This means that he has to get the Cornhusker passing offense from its 162.7 yards per game rating to beyond 200 yards per game in order to grab that ring of success. In the first half 2011 campaign, Martinez looked like a Heisman candidate accumulating 241 yards and notching four touchdowns against a formidable Kansas State team. Unfortunately, the season went on a downhill slide once the Cornhuskers faced the Texas Longhorns.

An improved Martinez passing game will definitely open up the action for running that already exists with Nebraska. He was able to burn quite a few opponents in the early going of 2011 using running back Rex Burkhead. With the passing game right on, defensive ends will have to guess who to defend against, the running back or the receivers. This can force opponents to have to stack the box opening up for a successful and effective passing game.

Martinez, who does not have a reputation for being all that durable, is backed up by Brion Carnes. It is critical that Carnes get a good deal of experience early in the season in the event that something happens to Martinez and a need for the backup to call the signals occurs.

Watch Michigan Wolverines Football Games Online

Watch the University of Michigan football games online to see current MSU quarterback Denard Robinson continue in a long line of successful quarterbacks. Each year, the expectation is that a Michigan quarterback is going to make first-team all Big Ten. This has been pretty much the rule from the days of Rick Leach to John Wangler through Jim Harbaugh and Elvis Grbac followed by Brian Griese, Tom Brady and Chad Henne.

This long litany list of Michigan quarterbacks shows a variety of different styles that have gotten the job done. Not all of them have been pocket passers as Robinson has illustrated he can do quite well. The expectation is that the Michigan quarterback is going to be the best in the conference. This translates into expectations that a Michigan quarterback is going to be the toughest as well as the one that can run and pass just as well. Although a Michigan quarterback is expected to do well on the field, the most important expectations include this person’s ability to be a leader. The Michigan quarterback has to be well poised and composed if the team is to be successful at all.

Michigan Wolverines Football

Michigan’s offensive coordinator Al Borges has always said that he wants his quarterback to take the bull by the horns and do whatever it takes to drag people across the finish line. He said you cannot just lead by example, but you must leavd by doing.

This is apparently a lesson that Robinson learned quite early in his career. Considering that this is Robinson’s third season as starting quarterback, he wasn’t all that comfortable with the position when he first began. Yet, in his first two seasons he was willing to take charge. This is something that he learned last year and something that he did during the off-season leading his teammates in workouts and taking the stage as a keynote speaker during the Big Ten Football luncheon.

Watch Michigan State Spartans Football Games Online

Watch Michigan State University football games online has the Andrew Maxwell ever begins. MSU has had two seasons with Brian Hoyer and three seasons with Kirk Cousins. Now it’s time for Maxwell to step into the role of quarterback full-time.

So what is the scoop about Maxwell?

He has only thrown about 50 passes acting as a backup in last two seasons. In fact, his greatest claim to fame may be the fact that he got knocked out during the Capital One Bowl game. This allowed Keith Nichol to step in as quarterback against Alabama during this game.

Maxwell takes the signal caller position coming in as a fourth-year junior. Pretty much like lawyer did but Maxwell doesn’t have to learn a new system since he’s had the same coaches for the last three years. The only thing that can teach them now is gaining experience at the position.

Listed in the player stats as 6’3″, he possesses the same height as Cousins and Hoyer. The difference is that he’s a lot more mobile than these former MSU quarterbacks. Unlike Cousins, Maxwell is already shown the ability to move out of their pocket we can’t find the receiver downfield.

Also, reports are that Maxwell is a much better physical specimen than cousins ever was. He just needs to get some additional game experience. It was Cousins who has said that Maxwell has progressed a lot more at this particular point in his career than cousins ever had. Additionally, Maxwell is taking over with another year under his belt then Cousins had. Cousin started his quarterback tenure as a sophomore.

Although the leadership impact for Maxwell’s getting is still to be discovered, it isn’t quite fair comparing Maxwell at Cousins since Cousins maintain a three-year tenure as team captain.

Watch Iowa Hawkeyes Football Games Online

Watch the University of Iowa football games online looking for senior quarterback James Vandenberg leading the Hawks when they meet Northern Illinois for the opening game on Sept 1. Vandenberg also has talented backups in the form of redshirt freshman Jake Rudock, JUCO transfer Cody Sokol as well as true freshman C. J. Beathard. Barring any unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury, this will be the quarterback lineup for the Hawks as they enter into the 2012 football season.

The opening game of the season will be Vandenberg’s 16th start as the Hawkeyes signal caller. He began his tenure as Iowa quarterback when, in 2009, then starter Ricky Stanzi had a season-ending injury with a snapped ankle. He started every game in the 2011 campaign. To date, his career stats are 400 attempts, 237 completions for a 58.7 percent rating, having thrown for 3,022 yards, hitting for 25 touchdowns with seven interceptions. He has acquired a quarterback efficiency rating of 138.44.

Iowa Hawkeyes Football

Vandenberg also notched three touchdowns scampering into the end zone. Overall he has rushed for 270 net yards on 49 attempts. This does not take into consideration any sacks, since these minus yards do count as rushing attempts in college football. The numbers he put up are quite decent and his efficiency rating is the fifth best in the Big Ten. Although coach Kirk Ferentz maintains a reputation for pushing the running game, Vandenberg completed the second-most passing attempts in the conference in 2011.

The issue that most critics point toward Vandenberg has been his inconsistency. His away game numbers compared to his home game numbers show a disparity in efficiency with his away game rating at 117.37, versus his home game rating at 158.51. Obviously, Vandenberg likes having home-field advantage at Kinnick Stadium.