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Watch the University of Nebraska football games online in the season where the quarterback position may be the most important for the Cornhuskers. Last season showed that if QB Taylor Martinez did not throw the ball accurately, the Huskers quickly went three and out. Throwing has been considered to be the major weakness for Martinez.

However, reports from off-season workouts and training revealed that Martinez has greatly improved his footwork and throwing motions. Unfortunately, the Cornhuskers did not participate in a spring game for sportswriters, critics and fans to catch a glimpse of any improvements.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

The best way that Martinez can help improve the Nebraska offense is to become a better passer. This means that he has to get the Cornhusker passing offense from its 162.7 yards per game rating to beyond 200 yards per game in order to grab that ring of success. In the first half 2011 campaign, Martinez looked like a Heisman candidate accumulating 241 yards and notching four touchdowns against a formidable Kansas State team. Unfortunately, the season went on a downhill slide once the Cornhuskers faced the Texas Longhorns.

An improved Martinez passing game will definitely open up the action for running that already exists with Nebraska. He was able to burn quite a few opponents in the early going of 2011 using running back Rex Burkhead. With the passing game right on, defensive ends will have to guess who to defend against, the running back or the receivers. This can force opponents to have to stack the box opening up for a successful and effective passing game.

Martinez, who does not have a reputation for being all that durable, is backed up by Brion Carnes. It is critical that Carnes get a good deal of experience early in the season in the event that something happens to Martinez and a need for the backup to call the signals occurs.

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