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Watch the University of Wisconsin football games online to see if transfer quarterback Danny O’Brien can fill the departing Russell Wilson’s big shoes. O’Brien does stand at 6’3″ and is quite capable of getting the ball out from behind the offensive line. He has the athleticism enabling him to always buy some precious time in the pocket. However, he is no Russell Wilson. He will not be scampering for 40-plus yard scores or making the defensive line look silly darting here and there before releasing a right-on targeted missile to a Jared Abbrederis who finally can get open.

What O’Brien will do is what he does well: stay back in the pocket and patiently wait for someone to get open and then shoot them a right-on missile.

Wisconsin Badgers Football

O’Brien has the physical and mental acuity to get the job done. His one big challenge will be digesting the Badger playbook but workouts with Ralph Friedgen and James Franklin will take care of this chore. He already possesses the knowledge of conducting effective defensive reads. Put all this together and O’Brien presents himself as a quarterback that will be just as ready as any other Badger player on the current roster.

This rising star has already appeared in 22 contests during his career while starting 17 of these. He’s already seen plenty of tough college defenses including the 3-3-5 of West Virginia as well as the 3-4 revealed by Georgia Tech. He has already come up against a blitzing 4-3 defense provided by North Carolina State. O’Brien has seen all the coverages that there are in college football including cover two, cover three, cover one, two-man and robber defenses he has successfully combated already.

O’Brien will prove to be a good find and he has the tools to get the job done for the Badger offense.

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